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  Using microphones

In this lecture, we’ll explain what an XLR microphone is. We’ll look at three different example microphones, and explore the differences and similarities between them.

By the end of this lecture, you’ll understand the difference between “end address” and “side address” microphones. You’ll also know where and how to position a microphone to get the best sound, depending on the situation.

Dale Quinty
Thanks for this (mic) tutorial. Very basic but a VERY good reminder.
Christophe REILAND
So a dynamic mic is good enough to record? Thank you
Yes! However, it's really a matter of taste. I have recorded almost every different thing you can imagine with an SM57. I've even used it to record lead vocals on more than one project! Some cheap dynamic mics are not so good, but dynamic mics in the $100+ (USD) range can get you very good results. Cheers!
Christophe REILAND
Thank you so much and by the way tthanks for these great reaper Tutorials.
I learned so much already.
Im a big fan of iron and wine, gregory alan isakov and this helped me a lot in getting almost the same sound
That's great to hear! I hope you make some amazing music. Cheers!